realistic sex dolls
realistic sex dolls realistic sex dolls
realistic sex dolls realistic sex dolls

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Our realistic sex doll is the latest hi-quality Sex Doll which you can use to fulfil your sexual dreams with much more of the real existence experience compared to every other sex toy which has have you been offered before. Using the innovation of recent technologies and materials now you can possess a sex toy that provides a genuine existence sexual performance. It's fully positionable and may altered to suit its atmosphere.

Since it is existence size it may be outfitted up or outfitted lower to put on any clothes straight from the rack associated with a clothing store. You will find the option 5 different eye colors and 4 different hair colors and without or with an inner skeleton. She's always ready and try to willing and never gripes. We now have limited amounts only at that special opening cost, get yours before we raise cost.

The special price is available only till 04/25/18, so hurry up!

 REALISTIC SEX Doll Description:

  Height: 160cm
  Weight: 15KG
  Material: Silicone
  Inside: High polymer
  Hole: Vagina, Anus


     $2,999(Our Special December Price)
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realistic sex dolls